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Hands Free Vibrating Fleshlight
Hands Free Vibrating Fleshlight
Hands Free Vibrating Fleshlight - Closed
Hands Free Vibrating Fleshlight

Hands-Free Vibrating Fleshlight


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We think that fleshlight is an incredible sex toy for men!
Over the years we have found two problems with them though, if you don't want to hold it yourself, you need to put it in between a few pillows and that is just inconvenient. The other problem is that it's not always as stimulating as you would want it to be.

So here is what we did, we attached it to a suction cup, so you can attach it to any flat surface, at any height, for a much more comfortable use. So that took care of the "hold it yourself" problem.

To add more pleasure to it, make the "regular fleshlight" more stimulating, we built in a vibration motor in the bottom of the toy which makes for a more intense feeling, the deeper you get, the more pleasurable vibrations you will feel. You can also increase and decrees the level of vibration manually with the adjusting-wheel on the bottom part of the fleshlight. 

The interior is built with a 3D structure for a more realistic feeling.

Lube up, and enjoy!

Product Specs:

Size: Length 9.8'' Diameter 3.15''
Battery: 3 AAA (not included)
Material: High-quality TPR & ABS